- Betsy Gotch Piurowski L.M.T
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Essential Sinus Massage TM 
   45 min, $50.00
    This sinus drainage technique is effective for chronic and seasonal sinus pain and congestion encouraging natural drainage channels by massage techniques on the skull and neck enhanced by Aromatherapy and moist heat.
More lasting relief than medication can give.
 Wellness Massage ~  
    60 min. $60.00 75 Min. $75.00 
  Relieves tension and supports the immune system using lymphatic and traditional Swedish and therapeutic massage techniques. Extra time is given in this full body massage to the neck and or other problem areas of pain or problems.
  • Meditation Massage ~
  •  50 min. $55.00
 If what you need is a time out from life and give your mind a rest this session is perfect for you. This is time for you to be still and in the present. This session allows you to quiet the mind as relaxing therapeutic and swedish massage techniques are used to help you reconnect with your body. 
 Be in your body and in the present. This is where healing, mind -body- spirit begins.
  • The aging body  
  • ~ 60 min. $60.00 
  Improves circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system which boosts the immune system. Increases range of motion range of motion in the joints and neck. Decreases pain and inflammation. Enhances mood and seritonin levels which helps with insomnia.
 30 min session -  $30.00
 This integrative technique , taught by 2010 Massage hall of fame educator Claire Marie Miller is both relaxing and effective. I am happy to offer this holistic approach to wellness . You will find this a real treat for your feet.
  • Ear Candling
  • 30 min. 25.00
 This treatment has been around for many years . If you have not experienced it or heard of it i believe everyone should try it at least one time and judge for yourself.
 It helps ear canal health. I enhance the treatment with warm steamy towels to help open and loosen the muscles and ear canal and massage drainage techniques. The candles are hand crafted and the best I have found.                             
  • Dreamy Spa Sampler ~ Includes Essential Sinus treatment , full body massage and customized aromatherapy 85 min. $ 95.00 ( separate $120.00)
            Treat yourself, your friends or family. Great Restorations
                 Gift certificates are available
 Please understand any illegal or inappropriate request will result in your information   being turned over to a lieutenant commander of the  county police department.
         By appointment only ~ 678-232-7829
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